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Every marriage has its own issues, and conflict is inevitable. Where conflict involves throwing of insults and physical attack, you may find yourself accused of domestic violence. Domestic violence is not just physical; it could also be emotional and psychological.

If you are charged with domestic violence in the state of California, you may need the assistance of a criminal defence lawyer. At Kestenbaum Law Group, you will get the representation you need. David Kestenbaum is an experienced criminal defence lawyer with over thirty years of experience in the field. Not only has he defended people accused of domestic violence and other crimes, but he was also a state prosecutor. With his experience and professional contacts, he can help you prove your innocence. Above all, the firm has access to the best experts, medical and private investigators as well as psychiatrists who can provide useful expert testimonies regarding your case.

When you are accused of domestic violence, you need an attorney who works fast and professionally. Contact Kestenbaum Law Group for a consultation today!

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