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You may be apprehensive to hire a personal injury lawyer because your relatively minor personal injury. Of course, car accidents which leave you with bruises and scrapes may not warrant a lawyer. Moreover, if the other driver’s insurance company pays your medical bills and an extra few hundred dollars, it isn’t worth the hassles of finding legal representation.

However there are a few reasons to consider making a phone call or scheduling a consultation with a lawyer for even seemingly minor injuries. There’s not much you can do in cases where your minor injuries turn out to be worse than you or your doctor thought and if you have already accepted a settlement offer.

This acceptance proves you give up making any future claims arising from the accident. However a good personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, like Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter will advise you to wait till you know the full extent of your injuries to accept any settlement offer. They will in fact help determine the right time to accept offers.

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