Business dispute

There are many business disputes that may occur, some can be resolved easily in-house, and others not so easy to resolve.

Partnership business disputes disrupt the relationship between those who have the most say regarding the running of the company. Therefore, it often betters that the resolution of these types of issues are kept completely confidential, as this prevents the company’s reputation or either of the business partner’s reputations being soiled in the eyes of their employees and the public. Firstly, make reference to your partnership agreement as you may find a solution within it. If this fails, try meditation this is the least invasive form of dispute resolution. If this fails, arbitration may work for you. If both parties agree, the arbitrator will look at the evidence and offer a legally binding solution to you. Arbitration is completely confidential and generally less expensive than litigation.

Landlord and tenant business disputes may be resolved with reference to a tenancy agreement. Unfortunately, although other options are open to you, mediation and arbitration are not the most commonly used forms of dispute resolution in this instance. Litigation is the most suitable course of action, with set patterns to follow in terms of tenant eviction, unlawful eviction, and housing disrepair claims. Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm, P.L.L.C. are a business disuptes law firm operating in Norman.

For other business disputes such as building disputes and contract disputes, for example, it is advisable to follow the steps of taking action of increasing severity and cost rather than jumping in at the deep end with traditional litigation.