wrongful death

A wrongful death lawsuit is filed when the life of an individual is taken by the willful or negligent act of a person or company. This kind of lawsuit may be filed by the family members of the deceased against the party responsible for the death. The outline of such a lawsuit may vary from state to state but in general it defines who many sue for the death and what limitations are put in place regarding the amount of compensation. The heir or the beneficiary of the decedent can claim a lawsuit against the party partially or fully responsible for the death. Some examples of types of such lawsuits are: an airplane crash, murder, medical malpractice, work accidents, car accidents, or a non-suicide death in prison. A death of an individual caused by someone’s wrongful act has numerous causes. In such a case regarding medical malpractice, doctors that make a mistake and provide a patient with an incorrect diagnosis can be the basis for a lawsuit. In car accidents, if it was caused due to a negligent driver, then this could also give grounds for a lawsuit.

Serious health conditions from chemicals in a petroleum or chemical plant, causing death due to exposure, is very dangerous. If the employer of the plant was aware of the dangerous side effect, then this could also be grounds for a wrongful death case. A lawsuit can be claimed against a careless individual or company who caused the death by the family of the deceased loved one. An attorney is a legal practitioner who can help you file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the loss of your loved one. The damages incurred by the death of your loved one would be taken care through the compensation received from the lawsuit.

Wrongful death is the negligent act of a person causing the death of another person. The family of the decedent can claim a lawsuit against the careless individual who is the cause of death of their beloved. These cases are not uncommon and some have become a household name. Over the years several famous lawsuits were filed in United States involving Hollywood celebrities, sports icons, television celebrities, and big corporations. Normally, these lawsuits took months and years to settle and come to an agreement between the parties involved.

It may arise in your mind as to why exactly you need an attorney? Having the security of having a legal person by your side will greatly help you to understand the different aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit, and file one with all the initial research and investigation of the accident. Although wrongful death lawsuits may be filed by family members of the family such as a child, parent, or spouse; an experienced personal injury attorney can file on their behalf. It is extremely important to select an attorney with previous experience working on wrongful death lawsuits. Research and tremendous amount of investigation involved in such a lawsuit comes with complication and should be handled by an experienced professional. It is not an easy process and while dealing with the loss of a loved one, it could reduce the added stress by having the legal hassles taken care of, and receiving the compensation you deserve.

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Father’s Rights and Inside Strategies to Protect Them

The term Father’s Rights is considered an oxymoron by most fathers who are dealing with custody issues. The consensus among soon to be or already ex-husbands is that fathers don’t have legal rights at all, and that the legal system and judges automatically side with the mother, viewing fathers to be important only in the financial aspect of raising the child. Fathers argue that they have an uphill battle, spending thousands of dollars to get simple visitation rights and other rights that a father should automatically have. Another frequent complaint is that during custody disputes, the playing grounds are unequal and an angry ex-wife can easily prevent a father from being involved in his child’s life, most often by lying. Even when courts do order certain visitation terms, mothers often ignore them because they know the father does not have the time, money or access he needs to enforce his rights. All a mother has to do is leave the state with the child and a father has very little recourse.

If you are a father in a child custody dispute, you have to go to the Hill Law Group firm and learn how to recognize and deal with blatantly wrong and sometimes unethical strategies that will probably be used against you. To add insult to this injury, they can be very effective against you. Often times, attorneys fail to help their clients deal with these because they involve more psychological rather than legal strategies, and attorneys aren’t trained either to recognize or deal with anything other than the legal aspects of a case. Child custody involves so much more than pure legal strategies; it is a highly emotionally charged subject where rationality easily escapes both parties. The one bargaining tool, the only leverage is the child and denying you your rights not only hurts you, but seriously hurts your children although the damage done may not be visible for years to come. Another critically important point is that too many fathers do not fully understand all the important things their attorneys should be doing for them. Simply put, most fathers do not know what they should ask for or what their options are. Learning your rights and learning the strategies from both a legal and psychological standpoint will help you maintain your rights when it comes to your kids. Children need their dads so it’s important to fight for your rights to be a part of their lives, both for you and for your children. And remember, you don’t want to waste any more precious time; it’s the one thing that you can’t get back.