Brain Injury Attorneys Ruhmann Law Firm

Ever gone through a wrongful accident that resulted into brain injury or any other form of personal injury? If yes then you understand all the hassles that are involved to get compensated. Ruhmann Law firm in El Paso TX is dedicated to offer quality representation to you and make the entire process a simple one. We offer confidential and free consultation service to all their clients and any other individual who is faced by either, wrongful termination of work, constructive discharge, sexual harassment, age discrimination and violations of FMLA among many other issues. We represent plaintiffs from different parts of South Mexico, Arizona and Texas among many others.

We are proud to be fully accredited, licensed and insured to operate and practice all personal injury laws in El Paso TX. We will help you get your rightful compensation from negligent drivers and your insurance companies. Ideally, medical bills are very expensive and you may not manage to go through them all alone. Contact us today for free consultation and we will schedule our service to offer one to one service. Quality customer satisfaction and reliability is always at the frontline of all the services that we offer.